Elementor Template – Boxes on Colour

This 2 column for Elementor features a text section overlapping photo background that resizes as needed when you add more text.


  • Easily add more boxes
  • Responsive ready
  • Auto crops your background image to the correct size
  • Change colours and font to suit your website
  • Instant download of the”.json” file.
  • Download for free or choose an amount to donate for the file.
  • How to import a Elementor Template.


Live Demo:

Title ONe

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam vulputate vehicula luctus. Integer viverra cursus lectus ac tempus. 

Title Two

Praesent nisi urna, tempus a condimentum at, molestie eu ipsum. Praesent blandit lobortis fringilla. Praesent sit amet enim tortor. 

Title Three

In a libero sem. Sed lectus augue, laoreet sit amet lacinia id, convallis in orci. Sed tincidunt odio nec tincidunt ornare. Vivamus mollis semper erat eu ullamcorper. 


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