Freelance Web Designer for hire

Hire Hayley

I currently have 3 days a week free to take on some web design projects from agencies. I am happy to take on any projects to help with your overflow of work or basic websites to free up your time for larger projects.  

Type of Work

Website Graphic Design

Banners, headers, page layouts or full website concepts designed in Photoshop ready for you to build.

WordPress Websites

Built using a WordPress template, Install the template, modify it to suit client & add all website content. Includes Responsive ready content.

Elementor Websites

Full Elementor websites or content design/layout templates for you to use. Elementor is my page builder of choice for laying out client content.

How it Works

  • You provide the website content and design brief from your client.
  • I’ll quote my time needed to complete the job or you can also provide a budget to fit within.
  • Once approved the work is completed on time and on budget.
  • You review the work and pass it onto your client, and any adjustments are made.
  • I then invoice you for the work and you invoice your client adding on any extra $ for your services.
  • All communications stay between me and your company and I have no contact with the client directly.  

Easy &  simple arrangement to get work done. I have a high quality of work and professional time management. I can usually turn around a 8 page website built from a template within 3 days.

Get in Contact

If you would like to chat further about work options, please send me an email below.