Who is Baker web development?


Hi I’m Hayley, I have been a website designer for many years, a career that started way back in high school when the internet was young, code was simple and the animated gifs were hideous.

Website Design has always been what I wanted to do. I’ve worked for a couple of companies full time early on and have been self employed for about 10 years.  I have a passion for graphic based websites and love pushing the limits of the little details, yet still creating something customers can use and grow.


The Future

I love creating, I could happily sit at my computer every day making something new. Through this website I hope to share more and more graphics for you to use in your own personal or commercial projects.  Some will be free some will be paid; because you know… food, bills, life 😉  

I hope you enjoy my work.  Follow me on social media or join the mailing list to hear about product releases.


Examples of My Work